Executive Committee

Maggie Wells


Maggie is a senior here at UNCW where she is a double major in Marketing Strategy and Business Analytics. She's from Clinton, NC but is happy to call Wilmington her home. Maggie served as Social Chairman last year and is happy to serve again as President. She is a perfect role model for our chapter and lives by her values. She is truthful and honest, while being genuine, kind, and is a social butterfly with everyone she meets! Maggie is perfect for every sister to look up to, we love you!

Haley Robyak

Vice President of Operations

Haley is a senior who is a Biology major and Chemistry minor. She served as Assistant VP in 2016 and is dedicated and hardworking. She has plenty of great ideas for Gamma Kappa and a fun fact about Haley is "I'm from Hershey, Pennsylvania where they make Hershey's Chocolate", yum!

Jill Delgrosso

Vice President of Development

Jill is a senior and majoring in Business. Gamma Kappa loves Jill for her silly personality and ability to bring light to any situation. We can't wait to see what she does for our chapter over the next year!

Savannah Castor


Savannah is a senior who is majoring in Psychology and Criminology. We love Savannah for her kindness and ability to motivate those around her! Savannah's unique fact is, "my family, who are originally from Austria, came to America through Ellis Island where they changed our last name to sound more "American"".

Tori Woolard

Membership Director

Tori is a senior who is majoring in Economics. She is excited to serve as a member of the Executive Committee and lead Gamma Kappa through recruitment. Tori served as Academic Chairman in 2015, and we can't wait to see her work on exec again with her positive attitude!

Caroline Poe

Phi Director

Caroline is a junior majoring in Recreational Therapy. A important fact to know about Carolina is that she actually likes to be called "Poe". We can't wait to see her succeed in her position with her vivacious personality and drive!

Neena Vashee

Panhellenic Delegate

Neena is a senior who is a Psychology major with Pre-Law as a minor. Something interesting about Neena is that her parents are from Zimbabwe and she has no middle name! The reason Neena wanted to be Panhellenic Delegate, has to do with her passion for being involved with all Greek Life on campus. She has the perfect personality for this position, and we can't wait to see Neena succeed!

Katie Cottle

Social Chairman

Katie is a senior who is a Business Major with a double concentration in Management/Leadership and Marketing. Gamma Kappa loves Katie's bright smile and her ability to make everyone feel welcome, we can't wait to see the fun you bring our sisters this year!

Emily Giordano


Emily is a senior who is majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Spanish. She even speaks two languages, English and Spanish. Emily has been a huge asset to the chapter through her hard work with our philanthropic efforts, helping to raise over $9,000 for our philanthropy in Fall 2016!

McKenzie Lang


McKenzie is a senior who is an incredible academic role model for our sisterhood. She is a Nursing Major and shows hard work and dedication to her schoolwork. McKenzie auditioned for Disney on Ice before deciding to come to college. Her sincerity and hard-work always shines!

Annie Gillespie

Sisterhood Chairman

Annie is a senior who is a Exercise Science major. Gamma Kappa is excited to see her continue growing this awesome position in our chapter. Annie's interesting fact is that she doesn't have a middle name!

Emily Mease

Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention

Emily is a senior who is a Business Marketing major and Psychology minor. She was previously the Assistant Risk Management Chair in 2016. She is very excited to serve on exec this year and work with the organization that has her whole heart! Her favorite quote is “empowered women, empower women”. We love Emily for her ability to keep it lighthearted, while getting things done!

Deanna Sanabia


Deanna is a senior who is double majoring in Finance and Accounting. We can't wait to see her number crunching skills be put to use. A fun fact about Deanna is that she helped immensely with Greek Week and even choreographed!